Academician Tao Wenxuan, chairman of Xuanhuai Education Advisory Committee, was named the 10 most beautiful science and technology workers in China by CCTV in 2019

Adhering to the education concept and framework of 21st Century Skills, we are committed to cultivating world citizens with the necessary abilities and key qualities of a science-based society in the field of K12. In the process of R & D and innovation of educational content and technology, Xuanhuai borrowed from MIT's Mitchel Resnick's lifelong kindergarten learning theory in the field of young children; in the field of primary and secondary schools, it merged with the international economy Cooperation and Development Organization (OECD) PISA education theory; combined with advanced equipment, materials and technology in the industrial industry in the field of education informatization and smart education for the popularization of education and the application of education theory in production.

The Chairman of the Education Advisory Committee, Academician Tao Wenzhen is a senior academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and an international president of the University of Liverpool in the western suburbs. In 2019, he was rated as the 10 most beautiful science and technology workers in China by CCTV. Teaching and research and management institutions have been set up in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan. Investors include large-scale strategic investment institutions and financial investment institutions such as China Daily 21st Century English Media Education Group and Oriental Securities Top Securities Capital.